Heading 1 tags are used for the main heading or title of your page

Heading level 2 tags are for sub-headings on the page

We'll use p tags to mark the beginning and end of paragraphs on our web page. Paragraphs usually contain 3 or more sentences each. Learn to use Lorem ipsum text to help make more realistic page layouts.

Can you tell that this sentence was written with code tags on each end of it?
Don't forget to add br tags as needed to put your content on separate lines.
Review the sub tag so you're ready to do chemical formulas like NH3 for ammonia.
And you can't do math equations without sup tags as in x3y2=3x+y.
I really like using hr tags to make a horizontal line appear on the page as a separator.

A picture of a hamster A picture of a hamster A picture of a hamster