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Lutheran High North's

37th Annual Spring Musical

Friday and Saturday
April 26 and 27, 7:00 pm

        as of 2-27-2019
Cast List for Lutheran High North's Spring Musical Production of the Wizard of Oz
Dorothy Gale   Jordan Killinger            
Aunt Em (Emily Gale)   Elizabeth Dorn      
Uncle Henry (Henry Gale)   Cameron Smith      
Zeke (Farmhand)   William Killinger            
Hickory (Farmhand)   Gabrien Deutsch            
Hunk (Farmhand)   Gabriel Soliz            
Miss Almira Gulch   Aislinn Bohot            
Professor Chester Marvel   Eli Schoppe-Fischer            
Glinda (Good Witch of the North)   Madison Lehr            
Wicked Witch of the West   Aislinn Bohot            
Scarecrow   Gabriel Soliz            
Tinman   Gabrien Deutsch            
Lion   William Killinger            
The Wizard of Oz   Eli Schoppe-Fischer            
Guard at the Gates of Oz   Christian White            
Winkie General   Cameron Smith            
Nikko (Commander of the Monkeys)   Skylar Armstrong            
Rosco (Lieutenant of the Monkeys   Eli Schoppe-Fischer            
Crow 1   Mikayla Howard            
Crow 2   Cameron Smith            
Crow 3   Christian White            
Apple Tree 1   Bella Villarreal            
Apple Tree 2   Emily Cherington            
Apple Tree 3   Elizabeth Dorn            
Lead Jitterbug (Dancer)   Bella Villarreal            
Jitterbug (Dancer)   Emily Cherington            
Jitterbug (Dancer)   Elizabeth Dorn            
Jitterbug (Dancer)   Maris Frost            
Jitterbug (Dancer)   Mikayla Howard            
Cyclone Dancer   Emily Cherington            
Cyclone Dancer   Maris Frost            
Cyclone Dancer   Mikayla Howard            
Cyclone Dancer   Bella Villarreal            
Munchkin Helpers
(Tuesdays 4-6 pm)
  Armstrong, Cherington, Dorn,
Frost, Howard, Lehr
Citizens of Oz:                
Beautician 1   Bella Villarreal            
Beautician 2   Mikayla Howard            
Beautician 3   Skylar Armstrong            
Polisher 1   Emily Cherington            
Polisher 2   Maris Frost            
Polisher 3   Cameron Smith            
Manicurist 1   Elizabeth Dorn            
Manicurist 2   Madison Lehr            
Winkie   Christian White            
Winkie   Madison Lehr            
Act 1 Girls Chorus   Armstrong, Bohot, Dorn, Lehr            
Act 2 Girls Chorus

  Armstrong, Bohot, Cherington,
Dorn, Frost, Howard, Lehr,
Citizens of Munchkinland:                
Mayor   Briana Castillo            
Barrister   Sofia Heckner            
Coroner   Isaiah Bohot            
City Founder 1   Izzy Mueller            
City Founder 2   Evie Mueller            
Senator   Caroline Killinger            
Aide 1   Madeline Pogorzelski            
Aide 2   Mia Granados            
Braggart   Eden Heckner            
School Teacher 1   Madeline Pogorzelski            
School Teacher 2   Rafaela Botti            
Tot (Female Dancer)   Colleen Crabtree            
Tot (Female Dancer)   Katie Griffith            
Tot (Female Dancer)   Jameson Hummel            
Tot (Female Dancer)   Maja Stephens            
Tot (Female Dancer)   Ava Symcox            
Tough Kid   Sam Adams            
Tough Kid   Sydney Albrecht            
Tough Kid   Jackson Allen            
Tough Kid   Eden Heckner            
Woman   Mia Granados            
Fiddler   Isaiah Bohot            

  Bohot, Granados,
S Heckner, C Killinger

Flying Monkeys

  Adams, Albrecht, Allen, Botti,
Castillo, Crabtree, Griffith,
E Heckner, E Mueller, I Mueller,
Pogorzelski, Stephens, Symcox